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Registered in Güzelçamlı Mahallesi Liman Caddesi No: 2/5 09460 Kusadasi-Aydin, Park Turizm Otelcilik Sey.İnş Tic. Ltd. Şti (hereinafter referred to as BRIDGE TOURISM) organizes personal tours, holiday home rental, holiday packages and other travel agency services. BRIDGE TOURISM buys services from its suppliers in Turkey and abroad. This agreement between BRIDGE TOURISM and its customers includes legal clauses. BridgeTurizm advises its customers to read this agreement carefully.

This agreement will be considered valid from the moment a purchase is paid from BRIDGE TOURISM (including non-refundable prepayment) using or any BRIDGE TOURISM website. BRIDGE OF TOURISM these sales conditions and substance - of tourism in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Turkey and other countries - is entitled to change. Possible new laws may affect an existing program.

1. BRIDGE TOURISM bears responsibility only to its customers who have received its services. Other than this, there is no service responsibility towards people.

2. During BRIDGE TOURISM trips; 30% of the total fee is taken as a prepayment when registering, and the remaining balance must be paid 15 days before the date of the trip. - Per person for cancellations made up to 15 days before; 30% - 40% for cancellations up to 10 or 14 days - 60% for cancellations made up to 7 or 9 days in advance. - In case of cancellation within the last 6 days or not arriving at the tour / hotel without notice, or if the tour vehicle cannot be reached, the fee received will not be refunded. Cancellation policies may be different for cruise tours and private tours. - Regardless of the duration, a minimum of 10% deduction is made in case of cancellation, and 5% in case of name changes. For whatever reason, people who have not paid the entire tour fee within the specified periods are deemed to have already accepted that they will be charged the same rates depending on the above-mentioned limits, even if they cancel their reservations.

3. BRIDGE TOURISM In case the customer payments are not made on time, the customer undertakes to pay the monthly 15% delay interest in addition to BRIDGE TURİZM.

4. BRIDGE TOURISM travel fees have been prepared according to the TL value, exchange rates, prices of transportation vehicles and hotels, fuel and labor costs during programming. Until the start date of the trips or during the trips, any increase and / or increase in tax rates, the differences that arise in the case of new taxes are reflected in these fees at the same rate. In such cases, passengers cannot be entitled to cancellation and / or compensation.

5. The departure times of the plane, ferry and train journeys shown in the 5.BRIDGE TOURISM travel programs have been adjusted according to the official programs of the relevant institutions. BRIDGE TOURISM cannot be held responsible due to the change of these hours. The locations on the plane are separated from the touristic location of the respective aircraft companies on the flights. Travel is subject to the applicable passenger and baggage carriage rules.

6. In our BRIDGE TOURISM abroad trips, our customers are required to carry their passports and necessary visas at the entrance and exit regarding customs and passport formalities. Since any problem regarding exit procedures will not bind BRIDGE TOURISM, possible liabilities that may arise belong to our customers. Regardless of the reasons, passengers who are blocked from abroad by passport and customs officers will not be refunded. It is also the responsibility of our customers to pay the exit fees.

7.BRIDGE TOURISM child discounts are applied if the children sleep with their parents in the same room as the third or fourth person. BRIDGE TOURISM bears no responsibility towards underage children and their parents. Free children are not allocated a bed or a seat in the transport vehicle.

8. BRIDGE TOURISM, even if it does not have the opportunity to cancel its tours without any responsibility due to reasons beyond its own will or the inability of the people participating in the tour to reach a sufficient number, or to notify the departure times, stopping places, transportation companies, accommodation facilities, provided that they adhere to the standards specified in the programs has the right to change or transfer the passenger to another agency. For organizations with single hotel accommodation, it can change the booked hotel and / or date provided that it is notified in advance; However, in this case, the customer has the right to cancel the reservation.

9. BRIDGE TOURISM, if bus transportation is included in its services, the baggage must be delivered to the guides by the passengers on departure and return. Luggage delivered to BRIDGE TOURISM is covered by the passenger transport and traffic insurance policy of the vehicle during the journey. In case of a loss or theft, the amount to be paid for each baggage cannot exceed 5, - TL (Five Turkish Liras) and this payment is valid for a maximum of one baggage per person. Valuable securities such as money, jewelery etc. should not be kept in luggage. BRIDGE TOURISM cannot be held responsible for baggage damage that may occur as a result of negligence or deliberation of carriers or third parties on tours.

10. The responsibility of BRIDGE TOURISM in traffic accidents is limited with the current insurance of the vehicle. The company has no other liability. In addition, BRIDGE TOURISM is not responsible for delays that may arise from technical failures.

11. Meals to be taken on the road on bus trips are not included in the price. BRIDGE TOURISM has the authority to change the seating plan on the bus if it deems necessary.

12. Our guests; Regardless of the arrival time to the hotel; They are deemed to have already accepted that it is possible to settle in the rooms at 14:00 at the earliest, and that the rooms should be emptied at 12:00 at the latest, regardless of the departure time, and that the extra food, beverage and extra-program services they will receive are their own.

13. BRIDGE TOURISM is not responsible for the lack of service and qualifications in the accommodation facilities. However, the customer can file a lawsuit against the hotels that violate their agreement with BRIDGE TOURISM, together with the company or alone.

14. The customer must report any complaints arising from BRIDGE TOURISM and accommodation facility services to the agency officers and the company headquarters in writing within 24 hours.

15. BRIDGE TOURISM carries out its transportation services with fully rented vehicles or reserved seats in the vehicles of the carrier companies that arrange scheduled or unscheduled flights. Therefore, BRIDGE TOURISM is an intermediary between the carriers and accommodation facilities on the one hand and the participants on the other hand; Regardless of the cause and consequences, it cannot be held responsible for malfunctions, accidents and losses, as well as any compulsory or extraordinary circumstances that occur before or during the trips against their will, and any additional costs and liabilities that may arise in connection with these.

16. BRIDGE TOURISM does not accept any responsibility for the mistakes that may be made in the requested credentials of the customer. Therefore, the person who receives the service documents must examine the dates and other details and inform BRIDGE TOURISM to correct the form.

17. The customer is obliged to deliver the printed documents, such as the hotel entry document, etc. given by BRIDGE TOURISM, to the front office staff at the entrance of the hotel. BRIDGE TOURISM cannot be held responsible for any problems that may arise if this document is not delivered to the hotel.

18. All Turkish Lira prices stated on the website are calculated on the basis of the Central Bank foreign exchange selling rate. Payment rates per day in the Republic of Turkey Central Bank Foreign Exchange Sales vary depending on the rate.

19. TÜRSAB ARBITRATION BOARD and Kuşadası Courts are authorized for disputes that may arise from these sales conditions.

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